Over 150 visitors and exhibitors visited NTUA’s booth during the 3-day long JEC exhibition, 3rd – 5th May, and over 30 Newsletters (3rd edition) were distributed. More specifically, SpaceCarbon project attracted interest as a European initiative in Space, as well as the products that are made in Europe. The manufacturing of tailored products was attractive to the audience especially due to the space application, with higher enthusiasm on carbon fibre intermediate products (e.g prepregs), for which several companies were interested to use for their own applications. The questions from both audience and companies also included the graphitization process that is developed in SpaceCarbon, while the interest in intermediate modulus and high modulus was equally distributed.

Our partner Airbus was also present and visited NTUA’s booth for a short and interesting discussion with NTUA team.



SpaceCarbon presence in JEC